Thursday, January 30, 2014

The Prevail

Good week my friends!

I just can not believe that I am coming up on my 7th month here on my mission. The last 3 months here in Lucena have just flown by so fast! I can't believe, and I don't want it to go by that fast, Elder Strobelt and I are doing great together and we are just loving it here in Lucena Philippines! It is true indeed that it is a hard area, but I can honestly say I love it here. We are starting to get a ton of help from the members and working more closely with out Bishop. Our Bishop is awesome right now, he just got called as the new Bishop and he is fixing a ton of things in our ward. He is literally going by the RED handbook and it is SWEET! He is just getting work done and making sure everything is going the right way. Making sure everything is done how they are suppose to be, and it is really helping.  We are starting to receive a ton of referrals from members and investigators that we have, and they are very progressing so we have goals and plans to extend baptismal goal dates and really help these people come to know their Savior. I hope I am not transferred! We will find out if we are transferred tomorrow. It is unlikely that I will be transferred because I am training Elder Strobelt and training is 12 weeks. We are only at 6 weeks. But, it has been known that anything can happen in this mission. 

Speaking about our Savior, I have had these thoughts these last few days that I really want to start working and striving to become a Master Teacher. I have thought a lot about what I am doing to help my investigators to progress and how I can do this. I thought that obviously I need to become a better teacher. Then I thought, why did the Apostles of Jesus Christ have so much power and Authority to teach in a such a short period of time. Of course they were blessed to do the work to which they were called.  " Who the Lord calls to do his work, the Lord qualifies" -I don't know if thats the right quote- Then I often thought how did the Missionaries in the times of Joseph Smith do such miracles and teach with such power, even when they had none of the tools as we do now. So I started my quest on learning how to become a Master Teacher. What better way to start off by Studying the Bible of the Teachings of Jesus Christ and his apostles. I am also following a Study Guide which is called, " The Life and Teachings of Jesus Christ and his Apostles." It is a really good manual and I am learning incredible amounts of information. I just hope that I can obtain many teaching skills on my mission but I believe become a Master Teacher, come through time. Just think... Before Thomas S. Monson was called to be a prophet, he was a member of the quorum of the twelve for 50 years. That is a life long journey. That I am willing to take. 

Not much to say this week, just still working hard and being obedient. Nothing this week really happened that was of unusual interest. One of our Zone Leaders here in Lucena became AP yesterday so that was cool, I got to know him pretty well, we talk about hanging out after the mission all the time. He name is Elder Boyd and he is from Sandy. Anyways I hope you all had a good week, and are trying hard to remember your nothingness compared to God's Glory. 

Thanks for the Love and Support!

-Elder Kikel

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