Monday, January 20, 2014

Rain or Shine the work must go on

Every week there is just something that spices things up a bit in the mission field eh!?
This week our work was a lot better in getting lessons wise. But, we had a few unfortunate things happen to us that just wasn't the most enjoyable thing to go through. Our investigator Sister Anabel and Elinor didn't come to church last week, again... So now the count has to start over again and they can't be baptized for another month. Sigh... Then on top of that they are having doubts and don't really want to talk to us right now, soo.... that has been kind of depressing. So close to my first baptism and it slips right out of my hands. Yeah it was sucked, and I haven't felt that sad in a very long time. I love these people and truly have the desire to help them and I would get butterflies every time I would think about their baptisms. You know it really wasn't fun to see this all fall apart, but it is a part of missionary work, we just need to keep on working hard, and hope and pray for the best. We watched a broadcast the other day for the entire Philippines. It was a broadcast for the yearly goals for the Philippines given by Elder Neilson the Area President. I like a story that he shared in the broadcast. He shared a story about the Pioneers, and how in their long journey they mostly had flat plains all the way, but at the very end they had a huge mountain to climb and get over. He also said the some people say that people share way to many pioneer stories, and why they always share them. He said, that is because they showed what hard work was and showed the sacrifices that needed to be made to establish this Church and to find true Happiness. I feel this experience is the start of my Mountain, and I am making my climb, how fast I am going to get over it? I don't know, but I do know that I can try my best to get over it with the tools that I have. Also through the Enabling Power of the Atonement I am given strength to keep going even if I don't get any sleep, and I am super tired. I am so grateful for this knowledge of the Gospel and I am so grateful to have the opportunity to spend another 18 months to learn it ever more.
My Trainee Elder Strobelt is doing really good, and we are having a blast out here. Though it is stressful and tough, it is super fun! I mean come one... I am in the Philippines! It is going to be a sad day when I have to see him leave. Today we went and designed, and bought, custom jerseys for our Area. They are sweet and it is going to take a couple weeks for them to get finished.
Nothing really weird or strange happened this last week, so I will try and remember this next week, and share more cool funny stories with you guys.
Lastly, I just want to share some scriptures that I read in my personal read that I felt impressed to share with you all. They are found in Jacob 1: 17-19. These scriptures talk about magnifying our calling, and how important to remember that what ever calling that we are given is from God, and he has trusted us with that work. There are many blessings to receive from diligently working in our callings what ever sacrifice it takes. We had a member in our ward that was called the 2nd counselor in the Bishop brick, and he ended up quitting his job so that he can fulfill his calling. That is what I call faith, and magnifying your calling. He was a huge example to me. I hope you will all ready these scriptures and the words the Prophet Jacob has said, and think how we can magnify our callings.
Thanks again for your love and support!
-Elder Kikel

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  1. I thought of this story when reading this blog, thought it was a good thing to share. Lewis is doing so good and with a great attitude, I love it! Anyway here is the Heber J Grant Story;

    President Heber J. Grant dedicated Japan for the preaching of the gospel in August 1901 and then worked diligently in what was indeed “slow work.” When President Grant was released from his call in September 1903, he had baptized only two people.

    On 18 May 1996, 48 years after the mission reopened, President Gordon B. Hinckley visited Japan and spoke to a standing-room-only congregation at a fireside. By that time, Japan had a temple, and Church membership there had grown to more than 100,000 members in 25 stakes and 9 missions.