Thursday, January 16, 2014

The Power of Prayer

Hey everyone!
Nothing much to report on today, this last week has been very similar as last week. Elder Strobelt and I are just trying to pull through, evaluate, and Improve. It has been tough, and I have just been so stressed lately. I have just been so worried about our Investigators Anabel and Elinor. They didn't come to church this last week, and one of them are having doubts. We all ready had to push back on their baptismal goal dates but we had a lesson with them that I will tell you later that I think really sealed the deal with them.
Nothing really exciting happen this week that I could share that you wouldn't really see in America. Right now is just one of those times where we need to really humble ourselves and recognize the struggles we are going through and look for why we are going through them and what can we learn. (D&C 122:7)
So I share a pretty cool experience I had yesterday that really gave me a spiritual boost.
We were in a lesson teaching our baptismal candidates Anabel and Elinor. We were teaching about Baptism once again because we wanted to absolutely make sure that they know what they are preparing to do and the commitment they are going to take. So we read 2 nephi 31 with them explaining more in depth what Nephi is saying to us. After we read the feeling was that it was just a review and it didn't really help them. Sister Elinor who is the one who is having doubts and says she is not ready for baptism told me she wasn't ready still. So I went ahead and asked her the first few baptismal questions. She believes it is all true everything, she has just been to ten different churches and doesn't know which is the one she should devout too. She told me. If I could prove to her that this Church is the only true church here on earth, she will read every assignment that we give here, she will read the entire Book of Mormon, and go to church every Sunday, and become baptized. I felt a very strong impression to tell her that if she was to kneel down and pray at this very moment that she would receive an answer to her prayers and know that this church is true. At first I was really scared and didn't want too cause I thought what if I tell her that and nothing happens, then what do I say. I said a quick prayer in my heart asking for strength and courage, and saying that I am doing this in faith. So I Sister Elinor to do this, to my surprise she was willing to do it. Everyone in the room knelt down on the dirty floor and began to pray. Her prayer has probably been the most powerful prayer I have heard. You could feel and hear that she knew that she was talking to God, and that she had sincere desire to know. The Spirit was stronger then ever. After the prayer everyone was in tears, and there was nothing to be said. She told us that this has been probably one of the best days of her life, and that she will be baptized, and start reading the Book of Mormon. Phew! I was spiritually drained! Just so much power in Faith, and Prayer.
I am grateful for this opportunity to exercise my faith and build my testimony once again. Brothers and Sisters. When you receive a prompting from the Holy Ghost, You Do It. Don't ask questions, and just do it.
I thank you all for the constant support you give to me, and I hope you all had a very merry Christmas and New Years.
and that your all getting skinnier....
-Elder Kikel

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  1. Lewis is a spiritual giant! WOW this is an awesome letter to receive as a parent! I would follow Lewis anywhere also. Its these kind of letters that make me fist pump in the air for missionaries everywhere. :)