Thursday, September 5, 2013

Pepto anyone?

Week 3 in the Philippines!

So this week hasn't gotten better a little bit worse actually. I still have been sick all week and last night I was throwing up just lovely amounts of fluids! but anyways with the mission. The 5 Investigators that we had with baptismal goal dates is now 0, because of complications. We have 1 progressing investigator and are having a really hard time finding new investigators! We are having a hard time still getting the members to work with us, and making sure the Ward Missionaries are performing their calling. Things have just been so discouraging that Elder Mack and I often find ourselves in our apartment with nothing to do and basically wallowing in sadness. It sucks! So one day I just got pissed that all this stuff was happening, so we sat down for a couple hours and evaluated our work and efforts. What we can do better and what things we need to focus on to find new investigators and stay busy. Also focusing on how we can get the members and ward missionaries excited of the work. We have though of a lot of things and I feel that this week is going to be a good week and Elder Mack and I are going to flip this Area around!  Oh and here is the actually place we are living so hopefully you can look it up on google earth or something and try and find it.

Golden City, Phase 4E, Santa Rosa, Laguna. 

Something like that so that pretty much the area I am walking around all day.

This place is crazy! It's so polluted where I am at because I am close to a city. I start to get sick because of how much I am breathing in everyday! but, its still pretty sweet country to be in. Every now and then it still hits me! Wow! I am in the Philippines! Over 5000 miles away from home.Since we have been walking so much people start to see us more often and come up and talk to us. Mostly kids though. Word spreads around these neighborhoods though that there are to Americans walking around every now and then and so my companion and I will just be walking around and some random group of dudes come up to me and just say " Whats up Kikel" " Hey brother Kikel" Hey six four whats up!?" hha they all know my height and so they call me six four hahahah
People just stare at you for days here. It makes me feel like I am a celebrity. A lot of people are to scared to come talk to us. Kids ask us if we are celebrities because they only see white people on TV. So it's really fun walking around, guys always want us to play basketball, but we never do cause its just so freaking hot! So I don't know what its telling you but after that rain storm it hasn't rain for almost a week! It has been getting so hot!! I am going to dry up like a prune when I get back to Utah. The humidity here is crazy!  My companion has actually lost 80lbs since he has been here! thats kind of scary! He said in the mtc he was 5'9" and 270lbs and he showed me pictures! he was a big boy. 

So my companion Elder Mack. He is pretty cool and a big nerd like me! 
All we do is talk about video games and food everyday and how much we miss it! He even plays MTG and we get into that way to much and it makes me want to play it so bad. but, it is forbidden so it doesn't matter. We will come to the computer shop to e-mail and we will see kids playing video games and we just want to play so bad!! We also talk about cars and stuff and man it made me so homesick! knowing I still have 22 months left! Oh well I need to forget it now so I can surround myself with the work. Elder Mack is from Georgia, and he is planning on going to school at BYU Idaho. He wants to get a internship down in California for gaming or something like that. Elder Mack use to be a Pro gamer before he left so he just loves talking about videos games. He is really nice and really considerate, I think he thinks I am mean because I a really big and stuff haha. psh.. like that can ever be true. Im like a plush cuddly bear.

Yeah well thats pretty much it for this week. Hope all is well at home! Love ya!

-Elder Kikel

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