Monday, September 9, 2013

".....he looked into my soul"

Hello everyone!

This is start of week 4 in the mission field! that is so crazy to me! Time goes by so fast!! Cause we are just so busy trying to do something everyday. Funny story though. So one day we were talking to this guy and doing something we call an OYM (Open Your Mouth) and we were asking him if there would be a good time for us to return and teach to him. So the guy asks us what day we work, and my companion replies, "Every day". and he looked kind of shocked and was like okay what time do you guys work everyday, and my companion goes on to tell him. "From the time we wake up till the time we go to bed" and the look on his face was priceless and he was just like wow you guys are dedicated to your church. It made me realize that wow we really do work every single day and we work from the moment we wake up till the time we go to bed! It helps me to remember that I have sacrificed everything to fully give my life to this work and that is what I am here to do and I am going to do what I need to do to come home from my mission with no regrets!

So the mission... Bleh. It's still been pretty ruff. We are having a hard time trying to find new investigators and getting people to work with us. but, Elder Mack and I have been working really hard to improve our efforts and improve our ability to get out there and just talk to everyone we can and try and get some kind of referral so that we can start teaching actual lessons! I have finally gotten over the sickness I had and just have a stuffy nose now from the pollution. So that's good! I spent a lot of time one night laying in my bed thinking how my attitude has been these last couple weeks. I just want to tell everyone that I am sorry for being so negative and selfish. It doesn't matter how I feel it matters how our Investigators feel and how  I can help them progress even if I am dead tired and puking every now and then. It doesn't matter, I only have 2 years here to do the most that I can do and if I just spend my days being sad and disjointed it is going to be pointless to be here. So I got the good ol' Kikel back in me and I am trying harder then ever this last week and right now. It has been tough and every night I just think, "oh... bed...." then I am asleep. I am so tired! I try to get up earlier to work out and stuff and I just can't do it! I am just so tired all the time! but, I have been going strong and I have had a lot of support this last week and it has helped a ton! Talking about support this last week has been interesting. In this last we we have had the Zone Leaders, AP's, and even the President himself visit our apartment and have companionship study with us. I didn't do anything I swear haha! President was chastising us about companionship study and keeping our apartment clean. He is a very serious dude. He asked me if I get up on time and I said. " Honestly President sometimes I get up at 7 or 7:30 cause I don't work out or eat breakfast. and he looked into my soul and said " Elder Kikel, never again will you wake up past 6:30 on your mission" hahah scary! It was really funny though. So nothing much has changed with the work just the attitude. We are trying to meet with the Bishop and some bigger authorities of our Ward to coordinate more success.

Anyways, Mom you would absolutely be suprised and wouldn't believe what you would see if you saw me everyday. Everyday I clean my room and make my bed. I clean dishes everyday and I am just always cleaning. I even do laundry by hand! Can you believe that! I also iron my clothes each and every day! Man did I think I hated doing dishes and doing laundry back home, now I have to do it all by hand! Bleh... it is not too fun! Sorry this e-mail is so short but I have taken to much time to e-mail all ready and I need to get off so I love you all and I miss you! Thanks for everyone's support!

-Elder Kikel


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