Sunday, December 7, 2014

Super Typhoon

I received this email on Thursday and I'm not sure if I will hear anything by tomorrow. I also included the statement from the Mission president

So as you have probably heard there is a "Super Typhoon" coming to the Philippines again, the same size as "Ulanda" that hit the Philippines last November. I am e-mailing you now to let you know that President Mangum has said that the direction of the Typhoon has a potential of striking us dead on, so... yeah... its going to be Tacloban here in San Pablo mission haha soo... I have no idea what is going to happen. We have been spending all morning preparing, buying food, water, and all kinds of other stuff to prepare if the storm hits us directly. Good news is that we are in one of the nicest houses in the area so if the storm hits, I am pretty sure our house will stand, it will just get flooded like crazy. Most of the natives have been saying we have nothing to worry about, because its not going to hit us very hard here in calaug because we have a lot of mountainy areas. Out of the 5 categories, they said we will be at a category 1 or 2 here in Calauag, but President seems to think its going to slam us. We are all prepared and hoping and praying for all who are going to be affected by the typhoon. Also If we are hit, I probably wont be able to e-mail for a couple weeks, maybe a month or so if its really bad, just to give you a heads up haha also President Mangum will send out an e-mail before the storm and after I believe. I am sure its going to be fine here, because like no one here is preparing haha but we always expect the worse and hope for the best! Love you! See you on the other side ;)
Elder Kikel
-on the Lord's errand-
San Pablo Philippines Mission

(A message from the Mission President)
Dear Philippines San Pablo Mission Family,
You are probably already aware of Typhoon Hagupit, locally referred to as Ruby, which is off of the coast of the Philippines and headed our way. We have been tracking the storm for the past few days and have been working to prepare our missionaries for its arrival. The latest projections show it is tracking directly toward our mission and it will arrive sometime this weekend or early next week. The speed of the storm has been decreasing so it is difficult to estimate when it will reach us.

All of our missionaries have been alerted to prepare for the storm and have been given very specific instructions about how to prepare. We are working to relocate missionaries from coastal lines and areas that might be prone to flooding, mudslides, etc. We are being overly cautious and conservative in the approach we are taking to protect your missionaries.

Given the timing of the storm, you may not receive an email on Monday, which is your normal day to hear from your missionary. Don’t panic if you don’t hear from them. In July we lost internet service for a period of time following the storm and I assume we will have the same experience with this storm. I will allow your missionary to email home as soon as services have been restored. As soon as possible following the storm, I will send an email confirming that everyone is well and accounted for and give you a brief update

Please continue to keep our missionaries and the Philippines in your prayers. Our hope and prayers are that the storm will weaken as it reaches us and all of our preparations will have been unnecessary. We are preparing for the worst while praying and hoping for the best.

Thanks for the amazing sons and daughters you have consecrated to the Lord’s service. It is Sister Mangum and I’s great privilege to serve them and serve with them!

President Mangum

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  1. Wow another Typhoon. Not cool. Our thoughts and prayers will be with you Lewis. I'm glad your preparing when others around you are looking at you like your crazy. Reminds me of a classic story with three little pigs :)

    Your Bro